A valid support to the search of properties which are instrumental to the activities of the company or as an investment.

Through an accurate selection of those building complexes subject to repossession and the assistance with participation in traditional and internet auctions (the latter introduced with D.L. 59/2016) and for all subsequent fulfillments until property conveyance in case of auction award.

  • On the basis of the criteria provided by the client, the firm offers a building search service on court databases and, in case of property individuation, an inspection, aided by the guardian, to evaluate the building’s conditions will be carried out following a technical expert appraisal warranted by the enforcement Judge.
  • We arrange for the preparation and the filing of purchasing bids, in hard copy or online (the latter being the sole option since April 2018) and the subsequent participation in the tender that will be opened in case of several bidders partaking in the auction.