An external legal department that is tailored to your company.

The firm offers an innovative legal advisory method. The aim is to follow the company from within, also through ongoing counseling, in order to prevent possible errors, sanctions and litigations. We are a team of specialized professionals in several corporate law areas that offers 360o advisory service on company matters.

The firm handles all aspects related to Web Law. Particular attention is given to e-commerce through support provided to companies in their start-up phase, integrated by ongoing assistance during the growth stage.

Company counseling

Our goal is to provide our clients with qualified support aimed at building a strategic, functional and winning business structure from incorporation through all consecutive phases.


A service dedicated to the company for the preparation, revision and constant update of contract types used by the company.

Debt Collection

Based on the acquired experience, our consultation is carried out supporting the company from the risk-analysis phase, offering a tailor-made service aimed at achieving the best result with as little financial effort as possible.

Labor law and social welfare

We offer full counseling to companies under every aspect related to employee management and relationships with those public agencies in charge of work relationship vigilance, among which INPS, INAIL, I.T.L., as well as expeditious assistance with litigation and extrajudicial disputes with employees and welfare institution.

Trade Union Law

The firm offers assistance to companies in the negotiation of agreements with trade unions, collaborating and assisting the company in identifying the best negotiation and management strategy during trade union consultation and briefing procedures and by facing trade union law related matters brought to the company’s attention.

Corporate Crime

The firm methodically handles all main issues related to corporate crime, providing solid assistance to companies in the resolution of criminal implications that may arise in the life of a company.

Public Contracts

We provide assistance to both the procuring entity, for tender documents drafting and assistance during the procedure, and the participants during the bidding and execution phases of public contract tenders.

City Planning – Building

The legal counseling service provides tangible support to property owners, building contractors, real estate companies, professional firms and public administration entities facing numerous real property and land issues.

Court Actions

Thanks to the experience gained in the court auction sector, along with direct training on internet foreclosures, we offer a valid support with the search of buildings that are instrumental to the activities of the company, or as an investment, as well as with auction participation.

Business lease and sales and equity participation

Within the realm of corporate legal advisory service, the firm offers its counseling services for corporate transactions for business lease, sale and equity participation transfer.

Organization model d.lgs 231/2001

The firm offers a counseling service for the arrangement and implementation of corporate organizational models pursuant to D.Lgs. 231/2001

Privacy compliance

Privacy compliance has assumed an even more relevant role with the enactment of the New EU 2016/679 Regulation. Our aim is to provide full assistance with personal data handling issues.

Preferential loans – Crowdfunding

A solid business growth opportunity through an alternative financing method to develop the entrepreneurial blueprint and support the performance of the activities.


Our firm is a reference point for those who necessitate professional support aimed at handling environmental conservation and sustainability issues, preventing labor process and business organization from being compromised or limited.

Web_E-Commerce Law

The firm handles all aspects related to Web Law. Particular attention is given to e-commerce through support provided to companies in their start-up phase, integrated by ongoing assistance during the growth stage.

Trademarks and patents

In the scope of providing legal assistance to companies, the firm offers its expertise for the registration of trademarks and the deposit of patent and utility models.