Practice areas

Company counseling

Our goal is to provide our clients with qualified support aimed at building a strategic, functional and winning business structure from incorporation through all consecutive phases.

Public Contracts

We provide assistance to both the procuring entity, for tender documents drafting and assistance during the procedure, and the participants during the bidding and execution phases of public contract tenders.

Corporate Crime

The firm methodically handles all main issues related to corporate crime, providing solid assistance to companies in the resolution of criminal implications that may arise in the life of a company.

Labor law and social welfare

We offer full counseling to companies under every aspect related to employee management and relationships with those public agencies in charge of work relationship vigilance, among which INPS, INAIL, I.T.L., as well as expeditious assistance with litigation and extrajudicial disputes with employees and welfare institution.

Web_E-Commerce Law

The firm handles all aspects related to Web Law. Particular attention is given to e-commerce through support provided to companies in their start-up phase, integrated by ongoing assistance during the growth stage.

Trademarks and patents

In the scope of providing legal assistance to companies, the firm offers its expertise for the registration of trademarks and the deposit of patent and utility models.

We Lawyers is a service aimed at supporting foreign lawyers and professionals.

A service aimed at supporting foreign lawyers and professionals who necessitate qualified support to evaluate the possibility and feasibility of initiating legal proceedings in Italy or need to avail themselves of legal services in Italian territory.
The objective is to operate with maximum transparency and expeditiousness through a network of valid professionals in Italy, guaranteeing a free response within 48 hours aimed at identifying the most appropriate solution to each case.

Expeditiousness and efficiency
A network of professionals at your disposal
Guaranteed response in 48 hours

An ever-moving firm

A dynamic consulting model which conforms with the ever-changing demands of companies, underpinned by speed, professionalism and transparency, guaranteeing qualified support aimed at following the entrepreneur in each phase of corporate activities, also through ongoing consultations, meetings and tasks carried out directly at the client’s site.

Transparency in bureaucratic procedures management

A constant update on the work carried out by professionals, on prepared deeds and documents and on future deadlines by directly accessing the secure area, which allows the client to connect with the firm’s client management software.

“Getting together is a start, staying together is making progress, being able to work together is a success.”

— H. Ford

Secure area

Access the secure area to check the status of your bureaucratic procedures


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