In the scope of providing legal assistance to companies, the firm offers its expertise for the registration of trademarks and the deposit of patent and utility models.

Such endeavors are characterized by the complexity found in the evaluation of risks and prospectives, whereby the assistance of a qualified professional is deemed fundamental in order to support the verification of the requirements and preliminary activities for the registration and deposit.

Specifically, the assistance and counseling activities are carried out for:

  • Trademark registration in Italy, Europe and overseas (European and Extra-European? qui non capisco). With regards to foreign jurisdictions I have consolidated a network of counterparts throughout the years
  • Prior Art research, research on trademark title owners, due diligence et al;
  • Assistance in case of adversary proceedings, opposition proceedings from third parties and/or agencies;
  • Trademark monitoring;
  • Appraisals;
  • Intellectual Property contracts;
  • Registration of divestitures, mergers et al;
  • Patent and utility model deposit;
  • Design deposit;
  • Name and domain reassignment procedures;
  • Judicial assistance.

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