The firm methodically handles all main issues related to corporate crime, providing solid assistance to companies in the resolution of criminal implications that may arise in the life of a company.

The firm offers judicial and non-judicial assistance in the main white collar crime areas, especially corporate crimes, tax crimes, workplace safety related crimes, crimes against public administration, bankruptcy related crimes and building and city planning crimes.

We offer assistance to those people who, directly or indirectly, are tried for such acts, to companies and collective entities that may be responsible for said acts pursuant to D.Lgs. 231/2001.

Case histories

Corporate Crime

“SMART WORKING”: what it consists of, how it is performed, why it is worthwile

Definition and distinguishing characteristics “Smart Working” or “Agile Working” was first introduced in Italy through L. #81 22 May 2017 with the purpose, made clear in the aforementioned law, to…

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Smart contracts and Italian regulations

SMART CONTRACTS AND ITALIAN REGULATIONS   Law n.12/2019 published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on February 12, 2019, Simplification Law, in article 8-ter paragraph 3 has, among other things, elaborated the…

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How to participate in electronic court real estate auctions

How to participate in electronic court real estate auctions Law 119/2016 has amended Art. 569 paragraph 4 c.p.c., deciding that real estate sales in enforcement procedure contexts be performed electronically….

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