We offer full counseling to companies under every aspect related to employee management and relationships with those public agencies in charge of work relationship vigilance, among which INPS, INAIL, I.T.L., as well as expeditious assistance with litigation and extrajudicial disputes with employees and welfare institution.

The firm offers counseling during every phase of work relationships:

  • We suggest and prepare the correct typology of contract to be employed according to the company’s demands, with particular attention to the requested specific clauses (i.e., Non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality, stability);
  • we make contractual amendments that are necessary during the work relationship: Transfer of workplace; change of responsibilities; promotions; change of work schedule et al.
  • We also deal with disciplinary actions with particular attention to CCNL employed by the company, preparing dispute letters and possible disciplinary sanction application.
  • We provide assistance with dismissal procedures for subjective or objective reasons and collaboration in the preparation of plans for personnel redundancy management in case of collective termination procedures.
  • Our firm also provides legal counseling in disputes related to welfare and social security matters, and we also assist the client during the delicate phase of inspections by vigilance agencies (ITL, INPS or INAIL) and offer the best level of corporate defense against sanctions issued by the agencies themselves.

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